Sunday, 17 June 2012

FFTKNetwork (Helping Smaller Channels) UPDATE!

Just a brief update for anyone wondering what to do if wanting to join the network before the website goes live (might take a week as I have no idea how to make a website.  lol)

But in the meantime all you need to do is send an e-mail  to while answering these quick questions.  They are:

  • Username/Channel Name
  • Channel URL (address)
  • Amount of Subscribers
  • Location
  • Rough age range (eg.  under 18 or over 18 if you don't feel comfortable with a specific age)
  • Type of channel (eg. gameplay, commentary, let's play, minecraft, etc.)

Before you will be officially added to the network you need to ensure you are subscribed to FFTKNetwork(no vids yet, but will all be about growing your channel) & my personal channel FFTKGaming.

  • You MUST have a Twitter account as it's a large part of making this work.  Mine is 
  • Last buy not least, please add FFTKGaming to your sub box as a thankyou to me (as this is very time consuming and I'm only doing this to help guys just starting out because I know how tough it us.  


I Want To Help YOU!  Yes YOU! 
She Said To The Guy Wanting To Grow His YOUTUBE Channel!!!!

I'm creating a website/channel where I'll be empowering smaller channels to network and grow with each other.  It'll be a network where you will be connected with other Youtubers also members of the network.  All you'll have to do is join, answer a couple simple questions, create a twitter & Subscribe/Subbox FFTKGaming (as this will be ALOT of work on my behalf, that's ALL I'm asking for).  
I have been incredibly lucky since starting Youtube being blessed with meeting many fantastic people, many of which have either directly or indirectly positively affected the growth of my channel.  
I could not be more grateful and would like to give back to the community.  Specifically those channels with under 1000 subscribers.
Members will be separated into groups via their channel size & will be given access to others in the same situation to network with.  By networking I mean following each other on Twitter, liking/favoriting each other's videos on Youtube & possibly doing video swaps/dual commentaries/projects/etc.

MORE INFO COMING SOON - Click  Twitter to send me a tweet on twitter in the meantime to show your interest.  Email address to be posted in another day or so.


Sunday, 10 June 2012

Double MOAB & Open Lobby!

Sorry guys, but unfortunately life just got in the way of "Online Life" over the past few days, which honestly is the way it should be so not much that can be done about it.
My boyfriend's son broke his hand, not to mention was suspended from school so I've had him home all week. unfortunately he also brought some stomach bug home with him, so none of us got a relaxing break (to say the least).
I did get a little chance to sneak in a few games & thought I'd share this P90 Double MOAB (Yes I said DOUBLE) where I talk to you guys about what you'd like to see happen for 1000 subscribers, as you guessed it, reached this milestone last week & couldn't be happier.  Thanks to all of you guys who've helped and supported me, you know who you are & you know I'll happily repay the favour <3

Check out the Double MOAB HERE....

Stay Tuned for 2 Minute MOAB & Setup Video!!!!
Open Lobby Details TBA...