Sunday, 10 June 2012

Double MOAB & Open Lobby!

Sorry guys, but unfortunately life just got in the way of "Online Life" over the past few days, which honestly is the way it should be so not much that can be done about it.
My boyfriend's son broke his hand, not to mention was suspended from school so I've had him home all week. unfortunately he also brought some stomach bug home with him, so none of us got a relaxing break (to say the least).
I did get a little chance to sneak in a few games & thought I'd share this P90 Double MOAB (Yes I said DOUBLE) where I talk to you guys about what you'd like to see happen for 1000 subscribers, as you guessed it, reached this milestone last week & couldn't be happier.  Thanks to all of you guys who've helped and supported me, you know who you are & you know I'll happily repay the favour <3

Check out the Double MOAB HERE....

Stay Tuned for 2 Minute MOAB & Setup Video!!!!
Open Lobby Details TBA...

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