Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Some Long Awaited Photos Of Me! =)

So I know people who play with me on Playstation Network are often curious about what I look like.  Often wanting to add me on Facebook (which yes I know, is to only find out what I look like & how old I am) so here we have it.  I've been holding out on you guys for ages, and will continue to do so in regards to my complete lack of vlogs, but I will give you a few choice photos.  I'm too lazy to pull them off my Harddrive, so I grabbed a little collection off of my personal Facebook.

Here's the actual photo from my old avatar, taken at an awesome Halloween rave on a boat.

Me & the boyfriend at that boat halloween rave in the last photo (hence the costume)

One of my many hobbies, aggressive inline skating.  How cool is that bench? =P

Just an Odd happy photo with the Catty.  See, I'm pretty bubbly in real life too =)

My eldest Stepson & me just chilling.  

Hope you enjoyed a little bit of extra insight.  I best be back to the kitchen now =P


  1. Love your photos! Totally loving the Pink hair as well. :)

    1. lol, that's a bit old now, I do change my hair pretty frequently. it was REALLY hard to get out too, lol

  2. You should post some more photos! :P