Monday, 28 May 2012

Youtube Is screwing Us Over!!!!

Hey guy & gals,

It's Kirsty, as usual, with another blog update.  As you guys may have gathered Youtube is effectively deleting old accounts.  Apparently it is deleting ACTIVE subs as well, so people (me included) are losing subs.  Another thing is the total of subscribers seems to be incorrect.  Was wondering why I suddenly can't reach 800 subs (I'm at 798) when I gained an average of 11 subs per day prior to the last week.  There are posts left 7 right about this on the Google Help Forums, without much help from Youtube apparently.  People are saying it's something in the algorithm after the previous update.  Here's a link to what I was referring too
Another thing killing our channels is the recent Channel Layout update which took place on March 7th.  We've all had a bit of time to experience the new layout and to evaluate any possible changes to come from this & in my opinion I'm quite dissatisfied, as are many I know.  It makes it far harder to network & just find other new channels & the comments section is all hidden away.  Another problem is the Youtube main homepage, which now only displays "Highlights" by default.  This can of course be changed to include "Everything" but each and every time you sign back onto Youtube you need to reselect it again.  I wouldn't be surprised if alot of people even know these options exist.
Seems harder to get your videos featured besides other successful videos, when it once was as simple as a couple of similar tags & the ONLY channels Youtube chooses to feature are the biggest channels which you're already subscribed too.
So finding new content & people to watch has become harder than ever.  Not to mention all of the smaller Youtube channels now just finding it harder & harder to build any sort of an audience base at all.
It seems honestly, that Youtube is more concerned with integrating their useless "Google +" Service that no one uses, opposed to making the website more User-friendly & Community centred, THE WAY IT SHOULD BE!!!!

Please Google, fix Youtube before some other company comes in & steals your viewers in the way that Facebook did to Myspace in the past.  Keep changing stuff & adding useless features we don't want and it's closer to happening.  I swear, I wish I was more of a computer nerd as if I was I could easily topple them with the shit service they're providing as of late.

                                               Hear me talk about the first topic in a Video...

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