Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Welcome & Introduction!

Hi Guys & Girls,

It's Kirsty, as usual, but not with a gameplay commentary, a blog this time!  Figured it was about time to venture into this weird world of blogging and get my feet wet, well maybe my little toe =P
As most of you guys know, I'm an avid gamer & Youtube commentator from Melbourne, which is essentially the Red-haired stepchild of Sydney in most people's eyes (although, I personally see it the OTHER way around.  hehehe)
I'll post here every now & then, giving you guys a bit more insight into my sick, sick mind.  Of course gaming & youtube type stuff will be here too, because I'm NEVER going to be technologically advanced enough to create a proper website.

If you haven't seen it already, here is today's video posting.  A somewhat humorous High Scoring game, where I hope to give you guys at home some tips to use Recon Pro to benefit your game & I also talk about state of mind & how it relates to ingame performance.  I highly suggest checking it out =)

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